Cheap Electricity

Cheap Electricity

Looking for a way to get cheap electricity?

At a time when power bills are going through the roof, “cheap electricity” can seem like a thing of the past. And yet, most Australians are still paying more than they need to for energy.

In the majority of Australian states, the electricity market is now deregulated; this means that in many areas, there are several energy companies vying to win customers by offering the cheaper electricity plans. By simply comparing a range of energy plans and providers, you may be able to enjoy cheaper electricity – starting today.

Cheap electricity is achievable

Electricity prices have skyrocketed over the last decade, and the experts predicts it’s only going to get worse. Each year, new players enter the market, often offering new, cheaper plans. It’s more important than ever to make sure you’re still on the right deal for you, you may be, but maybe not!

Does “cheap electricity” mean poor quality of service or supply?

Not at all. Your actual supply of electricity is managed by your energy distributor, which is fixed according to where you live. You energy retailer is the company responsible for determining how much you pay and sending your bills – if you switch to a cheaper electricity plan with another energy retailer, your supply remains exactly the same.

How does help you find cheap electricity? is Australia’s leading energy comparison site. We compare a range of plans and providers in your area and help you look for cheaper electricity plans. Our service is free and fast; all you need is a copy of your latest bill and you can look for cheap electricity in just minutes.

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