Ben’s Pricing Update

Ben’s Pricing Update

February Update

Victorian Residents

Victoria is the most competitive and deregulated energy market in Australia and Victorian consumers have access to an interesting range of energy offers.

My tips:  Dodo Electricity & Gas has a great no contract plan that gives you a 30% discount when you bundle electricity and gas plus a $50 rebate to GoSwitch users.

Dodo also has another plan for consumers with a flexible pricing meter.  It gives you a free hour of electricity a day.  So if you time household appliances to run at that hour you could get some of your energy usage for free.

Momentum Energy is offering some of the cheapest electricity plans around.  Momentum is owned by Tasmanian Hydro so it is able to bypass the Carbon Tax and pass the savings to the consumer.

Powershop is a new Victorian retailer that offers cheap deal plus the opportunity to pre-purchase electricity on special, just like you would in a shop.  By buying electricity at special discounted rates ahead of time consumers can get their average price down over time.  It’s a big innovation that relies on the consumer’s level of engagement.

New South Wales Residents

New South Wales is a partially deregulated market for electricity and gas .  That means that consumers can enjoy the benefits of competition but prices are influenced by government deregulation and that effect the level of competition.

My tips:  Dodo Electricity & Gas has a special offer just for GoSwitch users.  It is a 15% discount on Dodo’s standing offer plus a $50 rebate with no contract so it’s a no brainer.

AGL also a good offer with a price guarantee discount of 8% called Select 8.  AGL is Australia’s oldest power company and has great customer service, and it is a good bet if you are looking for trusted brand, good value and good customer service.

Queensland Residents

My Tips: For most meter types Dodo Electricity & Gas comes up at the top because it fighting for GoSwitch users by creating a special discount just for them.  It is a 10% discount on Dodo’s standing offer plus a $50 rebate.  If you have solar panels installed watch out for a good offer from PowerDirect.  I like their customer service that you don’t always see from big companies.  For great bundle deals watch out for AGL’s 5 & 3 offers that represent good value in a market where there isn’t enough competition.  Remember that in Queensland competition is mainly restricted to Southern Queensland.  Northern Queenslanders are still mainly restricted to Ergon.

South Australian Residents

My tips: PowerDirect 12 is a great offer for All Day meters from a good company.  Momentum has a very competitive offer for Off Peak Time of Use meters and Lumo is very competitive for Off Peak General Domestic meters and Solar.