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Energy Saving Tips


  1. As a general rule, larger appliances use more energy.
  2. Leaving TV’s, VCR’s, DVD’s, and stereos on stand-by mode can generate up to 150 kilograms of greenhouse gas per year.
  3. An average household spends 2% of total energy costs on lighting.
  4. The average household spends up to 25% of total energy costs on hot water.
  5. 9% of average household energy costs is attributed to refrigerators and freezers.
  6. AAA-rated water efficient shower rose can reduce hot water usage by up to 70%.
  7. Solar boosted hot water can save up to 50% of household hot water costs.
  8. The average household spends up to 8% on total energy costs on cooking.
  9. Approximately 50% of total household costs are attributed to heating
  10. A high efficiency ducted system with a zoning option could save up to $400 a year in running costs compared with low efficiency alternatives that heat the whole house.
  11. A heated towel rack can cost up to $160 a year to operate.
  12. A dripping hot water tap can waste 12,000 litres of hot water a year.
  13. A computer screen consumes more energy than the processor
  14. Taking 3 minute showers instead of baths can save up to $20 per person per year.
  15. Freezers cost more to run than fridges.
  16. Freezers are most efficient when packed at the recommended capacity.
  17. Fan-forced ovens use up to 35% less energy than conventional ovens.
  18. Microwaves use up to 70% less energy than ovens.
  19. Front-loading washing machines are up to 15% more energy efficient than top loading machines.
  20. If you need an electric blanket for your bed, turn it on just before going to bed and turn off once you’re in bed. Note turning off the electric blanket once in bed is also a recommended health and safetly measure.
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