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Energy Saving Tips

Heating and Cooling

  1. Appropriate floor and ceiling insullation contributes to consistent temperature control by up to 20%.
  2. Only heat or cool the rooms in use.
  3. Choose the right size appliance for the area you want to heat.
  4. Close doors between heated/cooled rooms to the rest of the house.
  5. Close doors, windows and curtains when trying to keep heat in.
  6. Keep doors to cold rooms (like kitchens, bathrooms and laundries) closed. This can prevent up to 75% of total heat loss from a home.
  7. Stop draughts by sealing unused chimneys with chimney dampers, sealing gaps around doors, and switching off range hoods and exhaust fans.
  8. Use space heaters when heating a single room.
  9. Lowering the thermostat of heaters by one degree can reduce energy use by 10 per cent.
  10. Consider that bar radiator or fan heaters can use as much energy as a single room reverse cycle air conditioner or single room gas heater.
  11. Ceiling fans are highly functional.
  12. Where possible open doors and windows on summer evenings to let in cool breezes.
  13. Evaporative coolers cost less to run than refrigerative air conditioners.
  14. Open curtains during the day to let sunlight in to your home.
  15. Insulate ceiling, walls, and floors.
  16. Provide shading for the east and west windows of your home.
  17. Delay heat-generating activities such as dish-washing to evenings on hot days
  18. Reduce heat entering the home by keeping windows and doors closed during the daytime.
  19. Ceiling fans are an inexpensive way to circulate air in the home.
  20. In hotter climate areas, plant shade trees around the house – except on the south side of the house.
  21. The installation of blinds on windows can reduce solar heat gain by 40%-50%.
  22. Close curtains and windows that are exposed to direct sunlight during the day.
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