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How to look for a cheaper electricity and gas deal

At first glance, finding cheaper electricity and gas can appear to be a difficult task. Energy prices differ according to several different factors, so there’s no one single “right plan” – you need to find the right plan for you.

Your address generally has the biggest impact on your energy rate. Electricity and gas plans can vary significantly in different areas – the plan your country cousins are on may not be available where you live, or the tariff might be different in your area.

Another factor that informs how much – or how little – you pay is your usage levels. The amount of energy you consume, and the times at which you consume it, are likely to have a bearing on the rate you pay.

The issue is complicated further by the fact that, as the market becomes more competitive and new players emerge, new energy plans are regularly added to the mix. Even if you’ve already gone through the process of switching before, you might find there is a now better deal available to you.

One method to help you determine whether you’re on the right energy plan for you is to compare a range of electricity and gas plans currently available.

Sounds arduous? It doesn’t have to be. Services like GoSwitch are designed specifically to help you look for cheaper electricity and gas plans. We’ll compare a range of plans and provide a list of energy rates based on where you live and how much energy you consume.

GoSwitch is free and fast – all you need is five minutes and your most recent electricity bill, and we can help you find an gas and electricity rate that suits you today.

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