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GoSwitch Power Diet Plan

GoSwitch Power Diet Plan

There are two ways you can minimise your bill. The first is to make sure you pay the lowest price per kilowatt you can. The second is to use as few kilowatts as possible.
With this in mind, we have developed a simple 6-step ‘Power Diet’ to help you slim down your big fat bill this summer:

  • Step 1 – Start off on the right foot: Make sure you are paying the least amount per kilowatt hour by comparing energy plans and switching to a cheaper deal through
  • Step 2 – Make a plan: Look on your most recent bill for how many kilowatts you consumed and set yourself a goal for cutting down – your recommended kilowatt intake
  • Step 3 – Watch your intake: Identify the power guzzlers in your home and moderate your consumption. We have developed a Power Pyramid, showing how some of the main household appliances compare. Some appliances are particularly energy intensive and should be thought of like fast food (the clothes dryer is a main offender here)
  • Step 4 – Be active: Say no to standby mode and unplug appliances at the wall. As much as 20% of your bill can result from ‘energy leaks’ or appliances on standby mode
  • Step 5 – Get the right gear: Get rid of your second fridge and your third television, and replace old appliances with ones that are more energy efficient
  • Step 6 – Nature’s best: There are hundreds of ways you can switch off the power and take advantage of natural energy. A few tips for improving the energy efficiency of your home are included below, with any more listed in the Energy Saving Tips section of our website

The GoSwitch Household Power Guide

The two diagrams below show where the average Australian household consumes the most energy as well as which appliances are more power hungry than others. Use these diagrams in combination to determine the areas that you should focus on to achieve the best Power Diet result.

Power Pyramid – How Household Appliances Compare

Average Australian Household Energy Use

Download Power Diet Plan – PDF

* Sourced from: NSW Save Power Website (IPART Research Paper 29; November 2007: Residential energy and water use in Sydney, the Blue Mountains and Illawarra; Results from the 2006 household survey; Electricity, Gas and Water).

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