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Electricity switching FAQs

How much money can I save by switching electricity plans?

Most Australians can save a significant amount on their electricity bills just by switching to a cheaper energy plan. The amount you save will depend on the area in which you live.

On average, GoSwitch customers save hundreds of dollars on their energy bills each year, simply by making the switch.

Does switching affect my power supply?

Not at all – your power supply is the same regardless of who you buy it from. When you switch to a different electricity provider, the only thing that changes is the company name on your bill and the amount you pay.

What is the “default electricity rate”?

The default electricity rate is the amount you automatically pay for electricity if you have not investigated other options. If you haven’t compared electricity providers and switched to the cheapest plan available, you are on a default plan – usually the highest possible rate.

Around 50 per cent of Australian households are currently on their gas or electricity supplier’s standard default plan.

Does switching cost me money?

If you switch with a provider like GoSwitch, it does not cost you any money to compare and switch providers. It is important to note that if you are under contract when changing providers, an early termination fee may apply; this fee is usually well-and-truly offset by the ongoing savings on your bill.

What is the difference between an electricity distributor and an electricity retailer?

Electricity distributors are responsible for delivering your electricity supply and maintaining network infrastructure.

Energy retailers are responsible for connecting your energy, and deciding how much you pay for it.

While your electricity distributor is fixed according to region, your energy retailer is not. You have the right to choose – both your electricity retailer and the energy plan that suits you. Switching electricity retailers has no impact on your actual supply, only the amount on your bill.

What does the deregulation of the electricity market mean for me?

Deregulation of the electricity market has been implemented in most Australia states over the last few decades, which simply means that most consumers are now able to choose which company they buy electricity from.

By comparing different energy companies and taking advantage of competitive rates, you can save hundreds of dollars a year on your electricity bills.

I am moving house; should I switch?

Moving house is the ideal time to make sure you are on the right electricity plan for you.

GoSwitch can help you find the right electricity deal at your new address and even arrange your new connection.

Why should I switch with GoSwitch? is Australia’s leading comparison site for electricity and gas. Our energy comparison service is free and fast; we can even arrange the switch for you.

The data we use comes straight from the energy retailers and government regulators and is updated continually.

How does GoSwitch make money?

We are funded by the small commissions we receive from the energy companies when customers choose to switch online. Our commercial relationships have no impact on the ranking of retailers in the GoSwitch calculators.

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